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  • JULY 13, 2015

    As part of its comprehensive approach to energy management, Taylor CC offers Renewable & Energy Efficiency services that present our customers with innovative programs to save money, generate revenue, improve assets, protect the environment, and ensure our customers’ success while transforming the communities, institutions and businesses that we serve.

  • JUNE 29, 2015

    TEPA will be featuring innovative energy software and customer facing technologies where many advancements and improvements in energy tracking, efficiency and benchmarking tools have become a hot commodity.

Taylor CC - EnergyAuctions Reverse Auction Platform

Purchasing Your Energy

Join with hundreds of local businesses and enjoy the benefits of bulk energy purchasing.

Whether you are a large manufacturer or small retail store front, Taylor can create an aggregation with similar customer profiles to increase your purchasing efficiency.

Taylor’s market experts monitor wholesale trading to ensure optimal purchasing conditions. Once those conditions are favorable, the auction is released to qualified suppliers who compete for your business.

EnergyAuctions is a multi-step process of energy procurement that creates transparency, competition and purchasing efficiencies for your deregulated electric and natural gas accounts.

Getting Your Business the Best Energy Deal
A state-of-the-art platform where suppliers compete for your business through an auditable and transparent bidding process.
EnergyAuctions - Aggregations Energy Buying


Optimizing your purchasing benefits your bottom line. Taylor can accomplish this through customized aggregations for large and small accounts.

EnergyAuctions  Energy Buying

Energy Auctions

A multi-step process that creates purchasing efficiencies for your deregulated electric and natural gas accounts. EnergyAuctions is utilized in all deregulated markets across the country.

EnergyAuctions - Market Intelligence Energy Buying

Market Intelligence

Taylor's staff continuously monitors changing market conditions as well as utility tariff rates to determine the optimal timing to auction the aggregate load.

Enroll with Energy Aggregation - Dunkin Donuts
Enroll with Energy Aggregation - SMC
Enroll with Energy Aggregation - New York State Hospitality and Tourism Association
Enroll with Energy Aggregation - Boston Buying Power
Enroll with Energy Aggregation - Philly Buying Power
Enroll with Energy Aggregation - KFC

Tracking Your Utilities

You can’t effectively conserve energy unless you first know how you are using energy.

Taylor helps you track your usage by providing complimentary online access to its UtilityModule system for your enrolled electric and gas accounts. This utility management system uses proprietary algorithms, utility and market data, as well as your account information, to analyze data and run reports; helping you effectively manage your energy expenses.

UtilityModule is a nationally recognized, state-of-the-art, customized software system designed, constructed and exclusively distributed by Taylor Consulting and Contracting to manage utility costs and consumption.

UtilityModule creates and monitors budgets

Utility Module - Budgeting


Calculate your budgeting expenses by factoring in usage patterns, wholesale trading activity, heating and cooling degree days and utility tariff filings.

Learn More About Budgeting

UtlityModule - Benchmarking


Information on tracking energy usage as compared to other properties in a portfolio or against regional or national metrics.

Learn More About Benchmarking

UtilityModule - Savings Analysis

Savings Analysis

Taylor’s systems monitor the deregulated contract rates, the comparable utility rates and the ongoing market trading, so customers can track savings.

Learn More About Savings Analysis